a drinking vessel for bees and other pollinators

Čebelino is a bee drinking vessel crafted through biomimetic design,
employing parametric computer-generated 3D modeling and printing techniques.

Made from ceramic material, it facilitates water percolation, enabling bees to drink directly from its surface while ensuring bacterial filtration for clean water. Bees locate water through scent, making contaminated sources more attractive, especially during hot, dry summers when alternatives are scarce.


Čebelino aims to mitigate individual bee losses within colonies by dispersing them throughout their flight zones, particularly in urban areas, supporting both bees and beekeepers. Moreover, Čebelino doubles as an educational tool, fostering understanding of bees, their behavior, and the crucial role of pollinators in ecosystems.

Its user-friendly design appeals to all ages and can be placed on balconies, gardens, or fields to attract bees for pollination and enhance plant yields. To uphold cleanliness, the fountain's lid prevents water contamination and allows for easy refilling.

Čebelino can be effortlessly secured to trees or balconies using a simple loop on a string and is crafted from locally sourced clay, ensuring sustainability and adaptability to diverse environments.

Čebelino was made in collaboration with Luka Pleskovič, a product designer from studio Pjorkkala.

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