Juniper & Pine, photography
Island of Cres, 2020

In cyberspace, the distinction between organic and inorganic is no longer present; we are becoming inorganic and the landscape sentient.
The plastic landscape implies an estrangement of feeling - alienated, displaced and dehumanized, a complete autonomy with respect to man. 
From The Sex Appeal of the Inorganic, Mario Perniola, Bloomsbury Publishing PLC, 2017

The idea researches the relation between the camera and the object in focus in the way of a conversation where the light and distance introduce various digitally implied effects in the final image, resulting in blur, distortions, almost psychedelic effects. The camera takes the perspective of the plant as if it was taking a selfie, thus revealing its interior structure, rather than its shape as a whole.

Camera: Panasonic GH4
Osor, Island of Cres, Croatia, August 2020