Keleč*, 2020
Extruded vases and objects, red clay, Prekmurje, Slovenia
*sticky (Slovenian, dialect from Prekmurje)

There is a great tradition in pottery and local clay sourcing In Prekmurje, the North-East part of Slovenia. 
Red clay can be found in one of the mines used by the local potter Štefan Zelko.

The sticky, oily nature of red clay results in unique effects in the extrusion process;
the edges curl in a rhythmical, repetitive way, creating a particularly rough surface.

Various anomalies can still occur while extruding, possibly according to speed of the process or random moments in the machine-clay interaction.

It is interesting to observe the form and contemplate the becoming of an object, exemplary in the case of the extrusion process.

Extruding process can be compared to a time-piece, similar to drawing, or music, where details of the form appear like different tonalities.

Keleč objects are a personal spin-off project following the Made-in workshop.

MAO + Manufaktura Radovljica, 9.-13. September, 2019
Tutors: Lukas Wegwerth, Nicolas Coeckelberghs, Urban Magušar